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WSJ:  October 29, 2003:  The Librarians Don't Get It!  "Protect The Terrorists" They Say

The new antiterrorism law gives the Federal Bureau of Investigation the power to rummage through their computers and patron files, yet "never once in my career" had an investigation led him into a library, Mr. Beyer said. Still, he warned that another terrorist attack is "probable," flashed a slide show of the crumbling World Trade Center to drive home his point and begged the librarians not to destroy any records that might help investigators some day. After all, he asked, "How much protection do you want to give to your patrons, and how much protection do you want to give to your country?"

Hindustan Times:  Sept. 27, 2003:  Bush, CIA share blame for failure to nab Osama: Musharraf

Admitting that wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden was "freely moving" between Pakistan and Afghanistan, President Pervez Musharraf said that besides himself and the ISI, US President George W Bush and CIA should equally share the blame for failure to capture the Al-Qaeda leader.

September 9, 2003:  UK Muslim group plans "The Magnificent 19" meet on 9/11

An extremist British Islamic group has planned to hold a conference in London on September 11 dedicated to "The Magnificent Nineteen" - the hijackers who killed over 3000 people in the US. Police and security intelligence expect that hundreds of young Muslims would attend the meet, the very plan for which has generated abhorrence and anger.

September 9, 2003:  We Are At War! Since Sept. 11, 2001

In any case, you show me someone who has a chance of replacing Bush with an administration who will do what we want him or her to do, I'll do everything I can to support him/her, but not until. We're at war, and we will continue to be at war until the last Islamic terrorist has "assumed room temperature." Those who haven't become cinders, that is.

September 9, 2003:  An Excerpt From The Yahoo Group:  India-Force

Terrorism is a criminal act.  Criminals never have "reasons" but  they always everywhere have only  "justifications." 

  June 22, 2003 -- Faris pleading may cast shadow on Musharraf US visit

Most Americans have heard that some guy named Faris has recently pled guilty to planning terrorists acts. Many of them might remember that he was "from Kashmir," naturalized citizen, living in Ohio, with no idea of where Kashmir is.  Responsible media would have put a couple quick defining items into that context.  They would say, for instance, "Mr. Faris was born in a part of India called Kashmir.  This area of India has been occupied by Pakistan for many years."

India, U.S. must fight jehadi terrorism together

Los Angeles June 12, 2003. The Deputy Prime Minister, L.K. Advani, said on Wednesday that India and the United States have to work in tandem to defeat the menace of jehadi terrorism fuelled by religious extremism, the epicentre of which is Pakistan.

Al-Qaeda has access to Pakistan N-weapons: French Writer, Indo Asian News Service, May 7, 2003

A renowned French thinker and writer has challenged Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf's claims of being in total control of his country's nuclear arsenal and says there is a real risk that such weapons may find their way to terrorist organisations like al-Qaeda.

North Korea says any U.S. move to seek sanctions is a prelude to war, AP, April 30, 2003

North Korea said Wednesday that it would regard any U.S. move to seek U.N. sanctions against the communist country as "the green light to a war."

The warning came after South and North Korea agreed to try to peacefully resolve the nuclear crisis, though Pyongyang has said further talks with the United States are useless unless it drops its demand that the North first scrap suspected atomic weapons programs.

Dershowitz: Torture could be justified, CNN with Karl Loren comments

WASHINGTON (CNN) --Following the capture of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the question has become whether the senior al Qaeda leader will reveal key information about the terrorist network. If he doesn't, should he be tortured to make him tell what he knows?


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