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Islam Considers YOU an Infidel


Below is an unbelievable story from India, about a man who raped his daughter in law and how the Muslim Law made the woman the criminal because of the act of the father-in-law!

It is a cardinal rule of a common sense moral code that a moral person respects the religious beliefs of others, while reserving to himself the duty to judge behavior. Any person, in the name of any religion, who behaves in a way that denies respect for the religious beliefs of others is, himself, behaving immorally.

My (Karl Loren) personal opinion on this is that no matter how "good" some religion may be in theory when the root and foundation of such a group becomes soiled, as this story seems to imply has happened with the "common ordinary Muslim" not some special group of terrorists, it is time for society to, at least, speak derogatorily about that group behavior -- if not their holy book.

I can respect that religion but also believe that there is little or no representation or practice of that religion on the planet today. If there ARE some saintly Muslims, they need to rescue their own religion from those who have damaged it. They have no right to complain that society is judging them when this type of behavior is so wide-spread as to BE the common practice.

There is something comparable -- I'm not trying to be precise with history -- but there was a time when Catholics had to eat fish on Fridays -- it was a religious "truth" enforced as if it were the word of God. That turned out NOT to be some basic tennent of Catholicism, but a short-term method of changing the diet. But, the point here is that those Catholics who believed the "fish rule" was "from God" gave way to "common sense" and there was no Pope who got in the way of common sense.

It appears that the religious leaders of the Muslim faith have gotten in the "way of" the Holy Koran. Since the Koran has no one other than Allah to protect it, and Allah doesn't seem to be doing anything about this travesty on the Book, perhaps it is time for the common sense people to speak out.

I am speaking out!

If you would like to "weigh in" on this, click here and send me an eMail with your thoughts.

Dr. Ayyangard received and responded to THIS ARTICLE from the WSJ.

After this page was published, and a friend read it, he offered this further news item along the same vein.


Dear Karl,

Every non-Muslim is an "Infidel" according to the interpretation of Islam by the Mullahs.  This is because according to Islam --- every human child when born is inherently a Muslim, as it is in a mentally unpolluted pure state.  Only when grows to be a non Muslim, he / she loses purity of mind and hence becomes an infidel. 

In Saudi Arabia when I was living there in Jeddah -- the general talk was -- if a non Muslim dies under the car of a Muslim in an accident, the dead should consider himself lucky as he has been delivered.  If a non Muslim drives the car and a Muslim gets even lightly hurt -- the punishments will be so severe & torturous that the guilty will prefer death to living in that state.
Islam has no respect for other religions as they promote infidelity according to Muslims. 
But for counter-militancy by Hindus --- India would have been converted into another Islamic state like Pakistan & Bangladesh. 
I will give an example of Islamic irrationality that hit the headlines in India and is being hotly debated for weeks now. I've sent along one of the typical news stories on this, HERE BELOW.
In "Uttar Pradesh" a populous state in India where Muslims are in substantial number, in a Muslim family -- a lady by name "Imrana" -- a mother of 3-children was mercilessly raped by her own father-in-law at home when the husband was away.
The brother and the husband of the victim sought justice in the Islamic court, as Muslims in India were given the privilege of following "Muslim personal law" by the government.
The verdict by the Islamic jury / court was that --"The woman has become an infidel & dirty" -- and hence cannot be allowed to live with her husband any more, but has to accept and become the new wife of the father-in-law who raped her. 
The interpretation goes ... after sleeping with the father-in-law (which was a rape) once, her relationship with her husband has become that of a mother and son.  So mother cannot become a wife any more. 
The poor husband and wife are running from pillar to post for justice and the bloody politicians of the state are equivocating based on vote bank calculations.
According to Islamic laws, the father-in-law has to be given death sentence, but nothing is being talked about it at all by the court. 
A woman is expendable in Islam....as practiced by some world Muslims today. 
Honour and respect for the woman is considered the moral foundation of a good society in Hinduism....even though strictly not followed by all.   
This is an area of cultural conflict between the two communities. 

This "Imrana" outrage has created terrible heat & dust .... and is being debated day in and day out in the Indian press. 

Dr. Ayyangar, India

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005



Muslims cry Islam in danger


CHARTHAWAL, July 12: Shameem, a Muslim farmer in Uttar Pradesh, is convinced there is a new conspiracy to humiliate his minority religion in the predominantly Hindu country.

The swarthy man, his eyes blazing with anger, stands in a narrow alley separating mud-and-brick houses in Charthawal town and warns a dozen men around him of the coming danger.

"There is a plot to insult all Muslims and throw mud on our reputation," Shameem tells his friends in the sugar cane growing region of Uttar Pradesh. "The Bharatiya Janata Party, these women committees and media are making a big issue out of a small family matter to defame Islam," he said, as several others nodded. Many Muslims in Charthawal are willing to believe him.

For weeks now, their dusty rural town has been caught in a national storm over the status of the country's Muslim women, among the least educated and empowered, and the power of Islamic clerics to dictate social norms. The debate has been hijacked by political parties and now threatens to create new divisions between India's 130 million Muslims and the majority Hindus, who make 80 per cent of the officially secular nation's population of more than one billion.

Charthawal hit the headlines last month when a 28-year-old Muslim resident and mother of five small children, Imrana Bibi, was allegedly raped by her father-in-law -- the "small family matter" referred to by Shameem.

While the father-in-law was arrested after a complaint by Imrana, a Muslim village council decreed she had to live as her father-in-law's wife and treat her husband as her "son", outraging feminists and liberal Muslims.

South Asia's most influential Islamic theological school, Darul Uloom Deoband, also in Uttar Pradesh, decreed Imrana could not live with her husband as she was now prohibited to him according to the Koran, sparking a furore that led to street protests.


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Muslims are governed by Islamic personal laws on issues such as marriages, divorce and property inheritance but come under secular law for criminal offences such as murder, rape and robbery.

The opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), have long campaigned for common personal laws and charged that Muslims enjoyed special privileges under what they dub a pseudo-secular policy. Imrana's case has given them a fresh opening. "Muslims want personal laws for social matters. But when it comes to criminal law, they follow secular law rather than Islamic law where there are punishments like stoning to death," said Mukut Gupta, a shopkeeper in nearby Muzaffarnagar town. "This is wrong."

The BJP, floundering in opposition after its shock defeat in national polls last year, sees an opportunity in the controversy to revive its fortunes, analysts said. "The trouble is that in Muslim personal law, there is total resistance to any change," BJP leader B.P. Singhal said on a television debate, adding that Hindu religious laws have been amended regularly over the past few decades to bring them more into sync with women's rights.

Reforming Muslim personal law is a sensitive issue in India. In the 1980s, the case of an old Muslim woman, who took her rejected alimony plea to the Supreme Court, sparked a crisis over whether the court had jurisdiction over Islamic law. The court's judgment upheld her right to alimony but this was later reversed by the then Congress government through a new law, seen as one of the contributing factors to the rise of the BJP on a Hindu nationalist platform.


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Some Muslim clerics say there is no need to change personal laws as Islam provides self-respect to its women and back the decree against Imrana. "According to Islam, after what happened between her and her father-in-law, a sacred relationship was violated," said Zulfiqur Ali, the most senior Muslim cleric in Muzaffarnagar. "She cannot live with her husband anymore as the atmosphere in the family has become soiled." Muslim women activists reject that contention and argue that Imrana should continue living with her husband as the couple's relationship remains intact.

Adil Salahi, the religion editor of Saudi Arabia's Arab News daily, agreed. He said the alleged rape did not imply a relationship between Bibi and her father-in-law to prohibit her from her husband. "Therefore, there is no question about the validity of her marriage. The fatwa (religious order) is absurd," Salahi wrote in a national daily. But the pressure is telling on Imrana. "I will abide by the sharia," she said, referring to the Islamic law on social issues.

"But please leave me alone, please," the woman, covered from head to toe in a black gown and veil, pleaded with dozens of reporters who flocked her village.


URL: http://www.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=50484

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© 2005: Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Ltd. All rights reserved throughout the world.



Tuesday July 12, 2005 9:31 PM

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AP Photo NY109 By TOBY STERLING Associated Press Writer AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - The Muslim extremist on trial in the slaying of filmmaker Theo van Gogh confessed Tuesday, saying he was driven by religious conviction. ``I don't feel your pain,'' he told the victim's mother.

Mohammed Bouyeri was born in West Amsterdam on March 8, 1978. He was the only son of four siblings born to his Moroccan immigrant parents. As a youth, Bouyeri studied hard and made good grades in school. According to a November 28, 2004 Washington Post article by Glen Frankel, Bouyeri's primary interest was accounting, which he studied for five years at Mondriaan Lyceum. Thereafter, he entered a higher-education technical institute south of Amsterdam in the town of Diemen, where he studied business and IT. However, after several years he dropped out of school, failing to complete his degree. (source)

Mohammed Bouyeri stunned the courtroom when, in the final minutes of his two-day trial he declared: ``If I were released and would have the chance to do it again ... I would do exactly the same thing.'' ``What moved me to do what I did was purely my faith. ... I was motivated by the law that commands me to cut off the head of anyone who insults Allah and his prophet,'' he said.

Bouyeri, 27, faces life imprisonment in the Nov. 2 killing of Van Gogh, who was shot, stabbed and nearly beheaded on an Amsterdam street.

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A verdict is to be handed down this month. Bouyeri glanced at notes, paused between sentences and chose his words carefully. Some spectators rose to their feet as he spoke, visibly stunned by his comments. At one point, he addressed the victim's mother, Anneke, who was sitting in the public gallery. ``I have to admit I don't have any sympathy for you,'' he said. ``I can't feel for you because I think you're a nonbeliever.''

The killing is believed to have been an act of retribution for Van Gogh's film ``Submission,'' which criticized the treatment of women under Islam.

The killer left a five-page note fixed to the filmmaker's body with a knife. Along with religious ramblings, the note threatened Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who wrote the screenplay for Van Gogh's film, and others he perceived as enemies of fundamentalist Islam.

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Lead prosecutor Frits van Straelen told the court Bouyeri would kill again unless he is locked up for life. ``The accused preaches a message of hate and violence,'' Van Straelen said. ``He preaches that anyone who thinks differently can be killed ... He is and remains a danger to our society.'' ``The attacks in London last week make it clear that the problem of Islam-oriented terrorism continues, but I hope that the result from this case can help peace return,'' the prosecutor said.

The killing of Van Gogh, a distant relative of the painter Vincent van Gogh, led to a wave of retaliatory attacks on mosques in a country once renowned for its tolerance.

It also led to an intense national debate over the integration of Muslims, who make up 6 percent of the Netherlands' 16 million people.

Bouyeri was born in Amsterdam to Moroccan parents, and became increasingly radical in his beliefs in the two years leading up to the murder, according to prosecutors. His statement in court Tuesday was his first public comment since he was arrested in a shootout with police after the slaying.

Bouyeri had not mounted a defense during the trial and ordered his lawyer not to speak. Bouyeri, allegedly a member of a terrorist cell known as the Hofstad Network, is said to have attended private prayer sessions with a Syrian spiritual leader, Redouan al-Issar, who disappeared shortly before the Van Gogh killing. Twelve other suspected group members are awaiting trial on separate terrorism charges. Bouyeri is also accused of threatening politicians, impeding democracy, illegal weapons possession and manslaughter for attacks on police and bystanders.

Bouyeri was arrested by police after a shootout while holding the gun prosecutors say was used in the murder.

Prosecutors say he is also tied to the crime by witnesses, blood spatters, ballistic evidence, a photo and DNA analysis. On Tuesday, Bouyeri addressed the police officers he is accused of firing on eight months ago, saying: ``I shot to kill and to be killed. You cannot understand'' Van Straelen said Bouyeri must have had financial help, but there were no other suspects in the case.

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``This shows how dangerous religious obsession is,'' Theodor Holman, who was a friend of Van Gogh's, said outside the courtroom. ``All you have to do is insult Islam and (Bouyeri) feels it justifies brutally slaughtering you.''

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