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What Groups Are Not Moral Groups?

First, a "group" is two or more persons with some agreement in common.  The larger the group and/or the better alignment there is within the members, as to the agreements, the stronger that group will be.

When there is a strong group that is moral, and their goals and accomplishments are great and being achieved, then that group is a very great and moral group.

Clearly one group that typifies a bad group was the former regime of Iraq.

We might have discussion on what, further, constitutes a "moral" group and what constitutes an "immoral group."

Also, there might be discussion on what groups belong in what categories.

Here is my initial list of immoral groups and individual.  There are many more on the planet, but this is a good list to start with.


Group Reasons


In this case guilt by association indicts all of France for the immorality of its President.  The people are responsible for their own leadership -- no matter how oppressive it might be.  The evidence seems convincing that the President was giving much aide to Iraqi leadership even during the war.  This is the act of an enemy, not an ally.  They are not to be trusted.  Will the French people regain their senses, recall their President, or slide further into the treason which he displayed?
Bill Clinton The immorality here was so blatant that any who defend Clinton and his immoral acts is also in the same category of being immoral -- as being blind to the moral values espoused on this web site and the vital importance of morality in society, and particularly in a leader.  Clinton, personally, did more to cause a moral decline in our society than any previous President.


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