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What Is A Moral Group?

A moral group has a "moral person" as the leader.  That leader has in place a system of sane justice that allows members of the group to be free and to prosper.  He has effective ways to handle those who violate the laws of that society.

The epitome of morality is found in the concept of truth.  A moral group has a leader who has sought and succeeded to live with the truth.  Truth is defined and described here.

Further, the moral person who is the leader is unwilling to deny the use of force as necessary to maintain a civil society and to protect the group from hostile external or internal factors.

A Moral Group will have members who are moral, or who are becoming moral.

A moral person would very likely agree with all of the moral code written at:  http://www.happinessonline.org  There would be more, but the codes that are there would be a good start.  Members should read and agree with these rules -- or do not apply for membership.

There are many "groups" that can be identified as being NOT moral.  Click here.

For details and background of the Group Founder, Karl Loren, click here.

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