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Initial World View For This Web Site

April 30, 2003

Initially, and before this, I was surprised at how UK was so quickly departing from the US line on Iraq.  Now UK is being punished by France for straying from the EU line, and UK (the Labor party) is not ready to get "back" aboard the US ship, so will suffer from being only on the fringes of US actions and excluded completely from EU actions.

After all, the UK is not a real power!

One of our Members sent me this link to a news report in India.

This link from India was a good news item, and it just solidifies for me what is happening.  My response to that news item has also been to create this web site and concept.
The "old" rule of "US is the superpower" is very much being challenged.
The US has demonstrated its still-superiority on the military front.  France would like to create groupings that could be better at small wars, even if not for a while some world-war.  Look for France to befriend N. Korea, and make atomic war seem more likely. 
This would seem a stunning change, but I'll bet it is already on the planning plate in France, if not in NK.  The French plan would be to allow NK and the US to weaken one another so that France can step in to help NK, and further weaken the US -- no matter who is President.

In the meantime NK will bluff and cheat, run drugs and create chaos.

This last could be a long term development.  France is the apparent center of the desire to reestablish a new power center -- sanity and humanity will not be factors in their actions.
Sanity and humanity will be much more prevalent in US policies, but only so far as possible and still retain Bush control for at least the next 5 years.  If "war popularity" becomes seen as an absolute necessity by Bush, I would expect more military action, somewhere, in time to save the 2004 election. 

Hillary will then be the big problem -- for if she wins in 2008 we will have a ruthless dictator in charge, the Republicans will snipe at her to prevent her causing destruction, but she will do plenty of bad, and bring the US to bad times allowing even France with all its baggage to prosper.

The true time of troubles is upon us.  But, most will not be aware of these shifts and changes.
A sleeper COULD be what the US plans for reconstruction of Iraq.  If those plans are held in place, despite mob riots and Iran-backed trouble-making, and take account of some 5 years of control (and security) by the US, it is possible we could change the middle east.  Garner urged Iraqs to start the process of democracy.

Iraq will become part, again, of the turmoil, if left to the Mullahs.  Bush would have to be very clever to keep the Iraq problems on the front pages of the news in order to gain an election from it.  Gen. J. Garner could be his hope in the hole!

As always, and with emphasis, the little-understood, but often used technology of public relations will determine where "public opinion" goes.  In truth this world view suggests that PR skill will determine much of what happens, or doesn't happen in the decades to come -- internationally and domestically.  So much of society is hypnotic that reason and facts do not persuade -- PR can.

Earlier guides are still useful -- click to read all of Sun Tzu, "The Art of War."  Click here to read "On War" by Clausewitz. 

I don't think you can have a full understanding of the world scene without a good grasp of PR technology, Sun Tzu and Clausewitz!  We must understand that facts, reason and logic will not bring success.  This planet is going to be faced with war, and threats of war for decades to come, until the "final enemy" is defeated.

The real battle ground will seem to be economics where the socialist mentality of France, UK and Russia will surge heavily forward into failure, as long as the US can stay on the steady course of free enterprise.  I think this is the blind spot of any dictator -- he thinks he can run things better than a mob of individuals.  He could if he were sane, but he suffers from the same group insanity as does the mob.

The UN is a joke.  But, like many large dying beasts it will be hard to kill and

Bush's announcement that Greenspan has his blessing for another five year term puts sound economics in charge for several more years.  Bush will "reluctantly" take his lead on taxes from Greenspan's carefully mild criticism of them.
Dick Morris is right that Bush needs a "domestic issue" and the best one we could hope for would be one that Morris suggests -- drug testing in schools.  That would be a big fight and might just the item Bush needs to stay in charge, and even help the Republicans move in power past 2008.

Morris is much too critical of both Republicans AND Democrats for us to know why he says whatever he says.  Is he after consulting fees only?

Powell and Condoleezza Rice as VP would be the election ticket, with today's levels of popularity, to defeat the Democrats in 2008.  We need to find a popular Mexican-American to be near that top, or in it instead of either of the others.
There is an undercover cultural war where it appears that US cultural values are taking over the world, but in fact what is taking over the world is materialism which had its greatest start for the masses in the US.  The French will support materialism if they can afford it, and if they can put a French label on McDonalds.
They don't mind the hamburger, but only the name.  McDonalds would be wise to secretly start a "French Fast Food" chain, looking enough different from US McDonalds so as to stay under the umbrella of French protection.

The problem of AIDS will not be solved with the current medical model, and millions more will die.  It will take a stronger, and more moral, President and world community before we can bring honest science and valid morality to bear on this issue.  I've written about that here.

The so-called health insurance concept is driving many economies to bankruptcy.  The US cannot stand, for long, to have a health care system that is, itself broken, occupying some 17% of the GDP, and rising.  I've written about this one too.

Part of that cultural war involves the degradation of sex -- that will continue on a downward spiral until "the second coming."  TV and MTV are certainly illustrative of the moral degeneration of society.  This will not be fully resolved until the "final enemies" are handled.

The final battleground will be philosophical where drugs and psychology will be identified as the "final enemy" to be battled by those who understand the truths of this world view -- so a new beginning can arrive -- only when drugs and psychology are defeated -- and only we, all of us, who know the truth can do this. 

This can only be done by the grass-roots movement of individual citizens in individual countries, who (whether formally members of the the Truth Sayers, or not) share THOSE values in exposing and defeating drugs and psychology.

Obviously this enemy will be multi-national and will be ushered in by materialism wherever it gains ground in an imbalance against personal responsibility (read free enterprise).
That mission is what drives my own love of web research and writing -- and vitamins as the alternative to drugs.
Only thus can the mob become sane.  Only!

The Goal of those who support this web site is a world without war where honest people can walk freely and produce goods and services that enhance the survival of man.

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