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Electronic News Discussion Group With Moral Perspective

Senior Editor:  Karl Loren

Will You Join?

This web site has as its purpose the presentation of the world views of a Moral Group.

Karl Loren is the Senior Editor and often publishes editorial opinions among the news items, and within the forum.

This web site features a message board for handling the electronic news discussion group opinions in a very secure fashion.  This is intended to be a very selective group who want to share opinions with others of like mind.  This discussion group starts with a Core Power Subject list you can select from to publish your comments and opinions on.

Here is that Core Power Subject list:

President Bush





US Economy

Hillary Clinton

Moral Decline




Israel & Palestine




More Core Power Subjects may be added.  You may chose any of these subjects to post a comment for.  The Moderator may decide to create Divisions under any of these subjects when the Division is sufficiently separate and popular.

The compiler and publisher is Karl Loren.  The initial World View of this Group is HERE.

The NEWS, in our view, is presented in a public area.  If you would care to comment on the view expressed on these pages you must first become a "member" of the Group.

Memberships provides access to the Discussion Threads with the authority to comment and post your opinions.  You can become a Member through self registration by clicking on the " "edit profile" link on the "Discussion Threads" main page.

At this initial configuration the electronic forum is set up to allow the public to read postings, but only MEMBERS can insert postings of comments or opinions.


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